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Recent road trips to Oscoda, Mich and Indiana Dunes

New Photo Album is here the geographic coordinates can be loaded into a Google Earth search to bring up the map of the location. Google Earth, for those who may be new to the technology behind the Global Position System, (Wikipedia has a great article on the subject) is a satellite based system. Google obtains their maps from Government sources, however, their mapping system on the Google search pages is largely inaccurate, hence the seperate application under Googel Earth. Keep clicking on the large up arrow at the top of the splash page to toggle through several albums.

Much has happened in the last few weeks and many images have been processed across the abyss of time.

I'm adding photos with a new album builder so there will be constant updates.

Dunes in the news

Development along the Lake shore is causing erosion of environment.

In short, the analysis finds that the National Park Service at times has placed a greater priority on helping visitors enjoy the parks than on protecting the resources within those parks. Beyond that, the studies show that inadequate funding has taken a toll not just on protecting the cultural resources themselves, but on providing the staff needed to tend to those resources; demands on resources from outside parks are impacting those within parks, and; climate-change effects are challenging the agency’s ability to cope with them.

Below is a scene from the Pickney-Waterloo trail that runs between Silver Lake MI (N42° 24' 56.91", W83° 58' 1.08") near Hell, Michigan to Waterloo and Grass Lake, MI.

Potawatomi trail near Grass Lake, MI

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